Straight Outta Marriage

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Hi, my name is Jen and I have…two ex-husbands. I know, I know…I am shocked myself! Life goals, am I right? Number 2 came into my life first. We met my freshman year of college. A beautiful blonde, blue eyed sophomore in tight acid washed jeans who also had a girlfriend back home.

That aside, we became close friends. We spent time together in the T.V. room of our residence hall and went for drives in his black Thunderbird and listened to Whitesnake. The next fall he transferred to the same college as “her.” More on “her” in a post to follow…a lot more.

We wrote letters, yes letters people! I visited his new campus. As years passed, we stayed connected. He married “her” and I married Number 1. We exchanged photos of our daughters. When my daughter was two, I left…more like fled from…Number 1. Issues made me fearful and I knew I had to get my daughter out. We moved back to my hometown.

Number 2’s marriage also ended. “She” had affairs. Fast forward – I and my daughter relocated to start a new life with “them.” Ya know how that ended. Being divorced from Number 2 has been a very different experience than Number 1. I am grateful that we did not have children, but because of that it is as if that part of my life never happened. Number 2 and I divorced in 2013. Our day in court was the last time I saw him. I think of Number 2 often. I know we can’t be together, but that doesn’t make it less suckish.

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