Cubicle Girl Living in a Cubicle World

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Mundane. Monotonous. My 9-5er yo! When I was a kid and had, ya know dreams and stuff, spending my days in a box covered in beige carpet was not high on my list. During my work day my mind wanders and I imagine office scenarios to amuse myself.

Like using the intercom on my phone to announce “waaadsup office people it’s time for cubicle karaoke” or humming pop goes the weasel and on pop I bolt to standing my head over the cubicle walls. Synchronized office chair spinning, hacking the hold musak loop replacing Enya with my girl Missy Elliott, and spiking the office coffee with vodka. Wow…there has got to be more than this…and there is…!

I started this blog as an outlet…an escape from my day to day reality. I hoped to connect with other single moms like myself and share our struggles and successes…and maybe, just maybe this blog becomes my reality rather than my escape and the way to live the life I really want for myself and daughter the life I feel that I gave up over a decade ago to start my life with Number 2 and ya know how that turned out.

My baby girl is not a baby anymore. She has grown into a lovely young woman despite her mental and physical health difficulties and I am extremely proud. She will be off to college soon and I will be left behind in a city with no family and a few friends. The need to move back home continues to strengthen. I’m sure you are thinkin’ “um ok…seems simple enough…just move then.”

This is where it gets complicated. I’d have to sell my house. Complication. I have two dogs and a cat. Complication. I do sell my house, I then have to move everything…by myself…500 miles. Complication. I make it to the other side, but need to find a place to live…with two dogs and a cat. Complication. New job? Complication. A move takes a lot of cash. Complication.

GEEZ LOUISE! Stay tuned for how this turns out.



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  1. I do want to stay tuned and see how this turns out. I am a single mom but I have the support of the extended family. I started my blog as an outlet for all the thoughts that bounce around in my head. Just subbed. I love your writing style 🙂

    1. Author

      Hey Tachira! Thank you for your comment! So glad you have family support. What a blessing it must be. I TOTALLY get the need to get your thoughts out of your head. Thanks for your kind words! It means a lot! Blog like a BOSS gurl!

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