Creating Pins Using PowerPoint

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Pins are Power
There are many products that can be used to create killer pins for Pinterest. My fav is PowerPoint. I had no idea you could even use PowerPoint to create pins until I took a super great eCourse called The Perfect Pin: How to Create Viral Pinterest Images from the BTOP (Breaking The One Percent) boys, Ben and Jeff.

This course is terrific if you’re a beginner (like this gurl) or if you have been using Pinterest for a while. Using text and video, it walks you through six sections and includes additional bonus resources.

You will learn:

  • What Pinterest is and what it isn’t
  • How to create a Pinterest account (for new users)
  • Why you should use PowerPoint to make pins
  • About free stock photo resources
  • Where to find killer fonts and how to install them
  • The importance of Calls To Action (CTA) pins
  • Considerations when choosing stock photos
  • The rule of thirds
  • How to brand, size and add text to your pins
  • Why Pinterest group boards are critical to your success

You will also receive course printables to help you along the way as you start to implement what you learned.

I am sure you are waiting for the price, right? I get it. I have hesitated to purchase some more expensive eCourses, because I felt it was just too risky. Would I really find I benefited from them after I drop a $100+?

Well this course is $47, but use the code GET20OFF to ya know, get $20 off. I totally understand that is more than a couple bucks. Being a single mom I have to budget, budget, budget, but I am really glad I invested in this eCourse.

This is not a one and done either. You’ve probably taken those eCourses where you jot down notes as quickly as you can only to find you have no idea what any of it means afterwards. That seriously BITES!

Having access to the course AFTER I completed it really helped me. I have went back and re-watched sections several times.

These boys get it done! So, if you feel more confident using PowerPoint over other tools, check this eCourse out!

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