Bonding Does Not Require Big Bucks

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As a little girl, I never imagined my adult life to be what it is. College degree, but a menial job. Two failed marriages. Single mom to a chronically ill child. Bankruptcy. Loneliness. Depression. Anxiety. It’s been difficult, painful and paralyzing sometimes.

My daughter is the reason I keep fighting. She is almost seventeen now and I am so lucky that she is mine. Her strength, courage, kindness and empathy for others makes me proud.

Being a single mom, I often feel like there is too little for my daughter. Too little time, too little money, too little happiness. Her friends seem to have much more or at least that was what I thought.

Each Saturday, we go to a local bagel shop and get two bagels, one chocolate chip with chocolate chip cream cheese and one apple crunch with caramel apple cream cheese, to go. We then order a large Diet Coke for me and large unsweetened ice tea for her at the McDonald’s drive thru. Then I drive to our Holiday Inn where we park, eat our breakfast and talk before running weekly errands.

On one of these Saturdays, she said that she had told her English teacher about our “Saturday morning tradition” and how her teacher hoped she would have a relationship like ours when her son was older. I had never thought of this as a “tradition.” I also never realized how much our Saturday mornings together meant to her.

It changed my perspective on what is really important and what she will remember. It does not take expensive vacations to make special memories together. It’s easy to lose sight of that when you are a single mom.



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